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Orthodontic Treatments at Any Age: Part 2

Part II: Seniors

As we previously explained in part one of this series, the field of orthodontics has primarily been popular among children and teenagers. Parents are concerned with the health and aesthetics of their children’s teeth, and for good reason. Many parents will fix their children’s teeth, but neglect to take care of their own because they aren’t able to afford both.

Orthodontic Treatments for Seniors

Because adults sometimes neglect their own teeth, they may still need treatment later in life. Raising kids is expensive and many parents don’t have the money to take care of things they need for themselves. Older adults may also have more comprehensive insurance, which makes it less stressful to visit the orthodontist.

Self-confidence is important even later in life, especially when you may find yourself moving in with family or into a retirement community. You’ll likely want to look and feel your best during your golden years, and your orthodontist can get you that smile you’ve always wanted. Advances in technology have led to barely noticeable, clear braces such as Invisalign. Dental implants are also becoming popular among older Americans.

There are some differences between the types of treatments children and seniors may receive. Adults who have been treated for gum disease may need to have their treatment plans adjusted. Adults are typically better at following instructions than kids are, which can make the treatment process easier and faster.

Older adults should at least visit their orthodontist for a consultation to see if they can benefit from any treatment options. Your specific needs will be discussed and your orthodontist will come up with a treatment plan to help you enjoy a beautiful smile.

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