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How Braces Are Removed

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Kids with braces know that once their braces are removed, their smile will be much improved. While some people have to wear braces for longer than others, luckily they aren’t permanent and will end up being removed at some point in time. So how exactly are braces removed? Read on to learn more about the process.

Removing braces is typically a fairly quick and painless procedure. It’s actually a lot easier than the process of getting braces put on your teeth in the first place. It makes sense that braces are removed in the reverse order that they were applied. First, the small elastic bands around each bracket will be removed. Your orthodontist will use a small instrument with a hook to remove each band carefully.

Next up is the process of removing the wires on top of the brackets. Your orthodontist will use small pliers to detach those wires from brackets and anchor bands. After that, the brackets themselves are removed using special pliers to remove each one individually. There will be some residue that remains until your teeth are cleaned and polished. The bands are also removed with pliers which can sometimes cause some slight discomfort.

After your braces have been removed, a high-speed dental hand piece will be used to remove excess glue residue from your teeth. Your teeth may be a bit sensitive while they adjust to being without braces.

Your orthodontist will then discuss a further treatment plan with you. Even though your braces have been removed, you’ll still need to take good care of your teeth. You might also be asked to wear temporary or permanent retainers to continue straightening your teeth.

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